Mar 13, 2022

Sunday March 13 ~

 Never bend your head. Always hold
 it high. Look the world straight in the eye...

Let's just say I hope we do nothing at all.  Right now
 just being home is good enough for us.  Time with
 Sniff and a yes cleaning.  Not as if I have not been 
cleaning since getting back to Almost Home 😱

The ice from our hopefully last snow fall and freeze was
 still around as of yesterday afternoon when I went out to fill 
the bird feeders.  With all the sunshine we are having and the
 warmer weather, it has already melted or will melt by today.

Arvid and Sniff already started their daily routines.
  All is good here at home.  Our days are much busier than
 we expected, but life is definitely NOT predictable.

Great things never come from comfort zones...