May 10, 2022

Almost Home Days ~ Tuesday May 10th

 Today isn’t just another day.
Today I’ll create something beautiful...

I spend my days among people who I really care about. 
 Coming back to Almost Home was not what we expected, 
on the other hand, it is sure nice to be around and to be able to
help out again. Yesterday I did grocery shopping for one of 
the tenants.  Transporation for many is not easily available.

Occasionally I end up buying something I really 
don't need, but it caught my eye.  Now I have a pretty
 yellow container to drink my water with.  I'm happy

Almost Home has a few machines, unfortunately 
I have no time to use them.  At least the tenants enjoy 
the benefits of them. I have no time to even go for
 walks anymore.  Yes, I can make the time if I want to, 
but I use that time to catch up on some other things.

At home Sniff spends most of his time alone.  
I feel guilty about it, but I do make time for him 
always.  He gets his morning brushing and an afternoon
 brushing, plus lots of love from both Arvid and I.

Life is so random and unpredictable that you have 
no idea whether you will get to see the next morning’s 
sunrise or not. If you get to open your eyes another day, 
be grateful for this opportunity to be alive, love, laugh,
 do good, and make the most out of your time...