May 26, 2022

Thursday May 26th ~

We can and we will make it happen.  Best team ever...

It seems like the rain will never stop.  Have not
 seen this much rain in Branson ever.  Today
 is no different.  Rain and it is also cold.

My antidote to all of this is waking up to Sniff
 and a good cup of cafe while Arvid grabs a little more
 snooze time.  Life does have some perfect moments.

Good morning to all.  Weekend is around the corner and 
it should be much warmer and full of sunshine.  Perfect 
for some outdoor dining.  Looking forward to that 😍.

Good morning.  Look for something positive in every day, 
even if some days you have to look a little harder.

Todays goals: coffee and kindness.  
Maybe two coffee, and then kindness...