May 23, 2022

Monday May 23rd ~

 The journey to success begins with a step. Take that step this week...

Arvid gets all involved in soccer.  
Yesterday watching the last game of the season,
 all covered up with Sniff's ratty blanket. 
 Sniff loves all of his ratty blankets.

As the new week begins, I can only imagine so many 
scenarios that await us.  I am so grateful that Arvid and I work
so good together.  One without the other will be no good.  

Sunday was relaxing.  I was so happy to just be home
 and make us a good homecooked meal for a change.  During 
the week I eat in the office.  No complains, but it's nice to just
 sit relax and not have to answer phone calls while eating.

On Saturday we took our maintenance man and his wife
 out to lunch again.  Once again, we went to Drafts.
  Seems like everyone likes it and it's the best BBQ
 chicken wings in town.  Our favorite in town.

Sniff is doing good.  He needs to get his yearly
 check-up, but I have not had time as yet to schedule
 it and take him.  Thank goodness he is healthy and 
seems in perfect condition.  That being said
 I need to make time for his checkup.

Forget my checkup.  I have not been to an 
endocrinologist since October.  I need to go every 3
 months.  My hormones are having a field day.

Fortunately, I have not had the urge to do harm to anyone. 
 As yet.  But the week is young and who knows what will
 happen.  To all a great week ahead.  make it a good one.

 Forget about the failures of the past week. This week
is an opportunity to do better. Look ahead. Be great...