May 24, 2022

Another Day ~ Tuesday may 24th

 I just try to understand that tomorrow is another day...

After a long day, you come home and you see this.

I love sunsets, sunrises, I just love all 
the beauty around us.  And there is a lot.

Most mornings I see the birds and get to enjoy 
then for a little.  I feed them and in a way they bring me 
a little closer to the kitties I left behind in Puerto Rico. 
 Never far from my thoughts nor my heart.

Sniff has hours on entertainment just watching them. 
 They are no longer scared of him and they tease
 him all day long.  He loves it.  Keeps him busy.

Danielle, (our niece) and her boyfriend had a great time
 in Aruba.  Sure wish we could take a little trip somewhere right
 now.  J, (our nephew) and his girlfriend are now in Europe doing 
a little exploring.  Ahhh travel, seems such a far away thing these 
days for us.  One day we will be bouncing around again 😂

Wishing everyone a very good day.
  Let positivity be your guide.  Mindset is everything.

Practice like its competition and compete
 like it's another day on the practice court,,,