May 28, 2022

Saturday May 28th ~

 Mama told me there'd be days like these...

Evenings are not complete unless these two have 
their bonding time together.  Where Arvid goes, Sniff 
has to follow.  Sniff adores his dada and dada definitely
 has a soft spot for this furry cutie pie, even when he's 
super busy.  Sniff has a way to get around him.

A little work today and then Arvid has another 
soccer game in store for him.  No matter what 
nothing comes between Arvid and his games 😂

Today will be another very sunny day.  Clear blue skies and 
sunshine all day long.  What a treat and we sure are happy
 about it.  Make for a wonderful change from the rain.

Even on my busiest of days (most days) my thoughts 
go back to the kitties in Puerto Rico.  I just can't get the image 
of them out of my mind, and it breaks my heart because I don't 
know what will be their fate.  My friend who lives in PR and
 was feeding them is now back home in Pennsylvania. 
 She won't be back in PR until November.

I tell myself that they survived without us, 
and flourished.  I tell myself that everyday.  It
 has not brought me any comfort as yet.

The other day Arvid and I were talking and
 remembering Brutus and Shadow.  Not as if they 
will ever be forgotten.  Our Brutus will forever be 
one of the most beautiful chapters in our lives. 

 But Arvid said to me, "I think of Shadow quite often."
  I said I do also and we both just could not go on 
further with that because then the memory of
 how Shadow died haunts us. Poor baby.

Bad days turn, to manageable days,
 to nothing can break me days...