Jan 6, 2023

Friday January 6th ~

 Bad days turn, to manageable days, to nothing can break me days...

Temperatures are a little cooler than they were, but still 
a good 10 degrees warmer than they should be.  I love the 
feel of the cool air on my face. Not cold, just perfect.

On our walks there is something that always catches my eye.  
These flowers are in full bloom and there are hundreds of them
 along our path.  Of course I had to get a few pictures.

The 50th Annual Fort Myers Boat Show once again takes over the 
historic downtown riverfront, January 5-8, 2023.  This is the largest 
display of boats, boating products, and services on Florida’s west coast,
 featuring over 500 boats on land, representing over 130 manufacturers.

 It is also one of the most beautiful settings for a show in the country.
 Set on the Caloosahatchee River exhibits wind along the river,
 through Centennial Park and the newly renovated Caloosa Sound 
Convention Center and to the east along Edwards Drive.

While here don't forget to check out the sunset.  It will take your
 breath away.  A good day to all and make it an amazing one.

I have my good days, also my bad days, and my weary days,
 but I thank Buddha for letting me get past those and become stronger..