Jan 25, 2023

Wednesday January 25th~

Food, friends, sunshine, days well spent...

Any day downtown is a good day and when you get to share 
the place you love with friends, makes for even a better day.  Our
 friends visiting love everything Ford.  Why not then indulge by going 
to a place where the theme is all about cars.  That is Fords Garage.

Though today is on he sunny side, the temperatures have
 dropped a bit.  Once again we are having some cooler days. 
 Every once in a while it makes for a "good" change.

I love my mornings with Sniff.  We are awake early. 
 It's quiet and no one not even Arvid is stirring.  Arvid keeps
 telling me to ask my sisters to come over since we have a
 "guest" room.  The "guest" room happens to be my
 space with Sniff.  Our quiet time together. 

 I would love for my sisters to visit, but I would prefer 
they didn't stay with us.  I know why I say this.  It is 
best for the relationship and they also agreed on this.

That being said, Arvid is always helping with "stuff" 
 I love that and I love that everyone loves him.  I want
 to keep it that way 😂  You come, you visit, you leave.
  We do the same.  Visit with my parents then in a few 
hours time to leave.  Nice and pleasant for all.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Halfway thru the week already. 
 Time is sure going by fast.  I wish I could put a little pause to it.

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment
 of every day,  then we will be happy no matter 
what happens or what changes along the way...