Jan 15, 2023

Chilly Sunday January 15th ~

Cold weather in Florida?  Ain't nobody got time fo' that...

Once again the heat is on, and will stay on for the next two days.  
Yes, another cold front is hitting Florida, and us Floridians are 
not prepared for it.  Not even the tourists from up North.  
No one expects to freeze when visiting Florida 😂 

Mom and dad are leaving North Carolina today driving to Florida.  
Temperature wise, that big a difference right now.  Both places
 very cold, but Florida will get warmed up soon enough.  
Will do them good to get away from winter for a little.

Sniff loves to get all covered up in this "freezing" weather, and of
 course I cover him up.  Can't have my Sniff Sniff catching a cold.  
He has had the sniffles on and off.  Yep, he likes it very warm.

Random info, but at the same time a bit surprising.

Time for some soccer games for Arvid.  Nothing keeps him 
away from that, and nothing keeps Sniff away from snuggling in.

Keep looking up .. that's the secret of life...