Jan 22, 2023

Sunday January 22nd~

 We tend to forget that waking up is the 
first thing we should be grateful for...

Sundays are always good days, especially for Arvid 
when he has a few soccer games to watch.  In between the 
screaming, cursing he's definitely having a good time.

Friday night we went for Music Walk and yes we sure had 
our slice pf pizza.  Makes the outing so much more special made up 
for the fact that my pounding headache was with me the entire day.
  Not a good day in that sense.  I still have this headache but much 
milder than on Friday.  As far as I'm concerned that's progress.

Some of yesterdays highlights at the 3rd Rockabillaque
 Florida Classic Car & Vintage Bike Show 2023

Rockabillaque Florida is the biggest festival of its kind in Florida, 
celebrating mid-century and 1950s Americana. This action-packed
 day and night features our Classic Car & Vintage Bike Show, musical
 acts from all over the country.   It is free to attend, night and day.

 The biggest event of its kind in FloridaThe Show is hosted by Viking Customs.

Today we take mom and dad out for dinner, but before
 that they are coming over to us for a few hours.  Always 
look forward to time with them.  Makes me happy. 
 Makes for a perfect day.  Have a good one all.

Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause, every little thing is gonna be alright!