Jan 20, 2023

Friday January 20th ~

Everybody has their ups and downs, and that's what makes you tougher...

The attraction of the Swap Shop.  My attraction to it is the
 fruit section, but there are times when we actually need something
 and the Swap Shop is where you're almost sure you may find it. 
 We didn't, but it was okay to walk and browse around a bit.

There was a time Arvid and I went to many a classic car shows.  
Life happened and that also slowed down.  Coming up tomorrow there
 is one not that far from us, and if all goes well we plan on going. 
 I like the ambiance, checking out the vendors and seeing some cool 
cars and people in the process.  Arvid just likes everything cars.

No matter where we go, where we are if there is a cool car 
around Arvid is checking it out, and yes his all time favorite phrase is, 
"you will look good in this car."  I gotta say the man is a character.

Did I fail to mention that most of the cars are too little for him. 
 Says he's too tall and that our next car will be a bigger car, but he
 still enjoys looking.  Little things bring him happiness.

No matter what the car,  Arvid is right there ogling at it.

Sniff and I are awake very early.  My pounding headache
 is on schedule😂. I ache and the only thing to do was get out 
of bed and do something other than think of this headache 
and the aches.  In a few hours I should be feeling relief 😊

 Today we were supposed to take my parents to check out Fort Myers 
beach, Arvid's idea 😍, but they took a raincheck.  Another day it will be.  
Good morning everyone.  The weekend is almost here. Enjoy.

One person with a passion is better 
than forty people merely interested...