Mar 18, 2023

Saturday March 18th ~ t done

With the right vibes and the right people, 
it’s easy to create something magical...

 Early in the morning with my Sniff.  Once again, 
we are both awake too early for our own good.  
It's going to be another very long day. 

 Yesterday I slept almost nothing.  Thank goodness we had 
a very good day, but even so I was so exhausted, and I did 
not even have any alcohol.  Go figure.  I am not
 that tolerant of alcohol on a regular basis.

Yesterday we had a little tour with family.  We drove by Sanibel-Captiva
 Island and through Fort Myers Beach.  The devastation always gets
 to me.  To "soften" the blow, we had a good stop for lunch.

Hopefully you are having a more restful morning 
and enjoying your sleep.  Wish I could say the same,
 but there is tomorrow and  it will be better.  We just look 
forward to a quiet day at home.  Always the best.

The greatest weapon against stress is our
 ability to choose one thought over another...