Mar 23, 2023

Thursday March 23rd ~

There's never a dull moment with your nephews...

The eldest grandson and eldest nephew in our family
 turns 30 today.  Those years sure went by too fast. 

Today Max is a doctor in physical therapy and is the 
main doctor of a physical therapy clinic in Naples, Florida. 
 Just another reason we are so very proud of him.

Max was five months old when he and his mom visited
 me in California.  The circumstances were not the best, but 
Max made every moment memorable.  Everything he did was 
adorable and even in sadness one could not help but laugh.

I lived in New Jersey for 11 months.  Max was still 
a baby and I used to babysit him every so often.  He loved
 being picked up, and I was warned not to do so.  I did it anyway. 
 How could one resist a child so precious as Max?

 Max and J were born in 1993.  One of the most difficult 
years in my life.  They made it "easier"  When I met Arvid 
a few years later, I came to find out that Michelle, his youngest
 daughter was also born in 1993.  This year all three turn 30. Definitely 
will a year to remember and to keep making beautiful memories

Life should not only be lived.  It should be celebrated...