Mar 7, 2023

Too Early For This ~

Lose an hour in the morning and you'll be all day hunting for it...

 If I am awake, Sniff is awake.  No matter how quietly I 
sneak out of the bedroom, Sniff is always a few steps behind. 
 He has already gotten his brushing and is now napping 
next to me in "our" room aka my office as well.

I've been awake but still in bed since 1:30 am.  I finally gave
 in and got out of bed.  Not happy to be up this early.  All it means
 is that I will be very exhausted by this afternoon.  This getting
 up this early has been happening too frequently lately.

Good morning and hopefully you're still asleep, that is 
of course depending on your time zone as well.

I don't drink coffee to wake up.  I wake up to drink coffee...