Mar 22, 2023

Wednesday March 22nd~

I'm in a happy place. I'm very at peace with who I 
am and what I'm doing and the people around me, so I 
think I'm probably most ambitious at where I am...

 Lucky us that we have a reason to go to Fort Lauderdale again
 today  A combination of a little business and a little family time.  
Always good to go back and then even better when we come 
back home.  Hands down Fort Lauderdale is beautiful.

It's been our home for so many years that it's hard to believe 
what Arvid said to me the last time we were leaving and heading back
 home to Fort Myers.  Arvid said, "it does not feel like home anymore."
I believe a lot has to do with the year and a half we spent in Puerto Rico. 
 Life in PR was different.  Peaceful, simple and stress free.

Arvid and I are very fortunate and I never take for 
granted this life that we have made for ourselves.
 Together with Sniff we make up our happy place.

Today our eldest granddaughter turns 10.  These years
 sure are going by way to fast.  Before our very 
eyes this little girl is no longer a little girl.

 Our eldest granddaughter is one heck of a beauty.  Only party with 
people who celebrate life.  Aleah sure does, in her 10 years she
 is living her best life with the ones she love and love her.

Happy birthday Aleah.  Grandma and Grandpa love you, and
 I can't wait for you to teach me Norwegian this summer.

Learn to be thankful for what you already have,
 while you pursue all that you what...