Mar 14, 2023

Tuesday March 14th ~

It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary...

 Right now I'm into taking pictures of the flowers we pass on our 
walks.  The building in the background in these is our building. 
Usually I am not the only one taking pictures of the flowers.  Many 
find the same attraction as I do, and appreciate their beauty 🌸.

Usually our home is one "glorious" mess, but occasionally we 
clean up well.  Sniff loves to jump onto everything, and that has left
 scratches everywhere.  Arvid of course freaks out for everything so 
we cover everything hoping it will be protected from Sniff's claws.

Try as I may, I am always awake way too early.  I have no 
idea why.  I thought if I went to sleep later than my normal time
 I would sleep in longer.  Has not worked.  Getting out of bed at 3am
 is not funny at all.  By 2 in the afternoon I'm totally exhausted.
Fortunately, Sniff is always there to keep me company.

Another long day ahead, it's a good thing I have the option 
to take a nap😂 which I most likely will not exercise, that is unless we
 watch TV.  Then I fall right asleep 😂.  The simple joys of life...

The morning is hazy as was yesterday.  We have not had this kind of 
"ugly" weather for as long as I can remember.  Why now? No matter what
 it continues to be nice and warm.  Cloudy is perfect for walks.

On another note, I may be coming down with the flu 😷.  Exactly 
what I can't have right now.  Not with all the tests I have to do.  
I have no time to be sick.  Sick means delays in my different tests. 
 Something that right now ain't that good.  Sick is never good.

Normalcy to me is enjoying the simple things in life...