Apr 26, 2023

April 26th ~

 Las Vegas is the only place I know where 
money really talks – it says Goodbye...

And I am so ready to find out a little more 😂

A few days is all I need, after that I am ready to go home.  
But for now I am really enjoying my time here.

Sadly I don't gamble.  Maybe that's actually good.  My money is still fairly intact 😂

Having a good time on your own is refreshing and it makes your soul happy.

Being happy never goes out of style and I try my best 
to always see the positive in life no matter what.

Life sure takes you places and with each new experience life 
takes on a different focus.  At least for me.  Maybe because I
 am getting older, but I sure see things a little differently today
 than I did lets say in 2014 @ Hoover Dam, in Nevada

To all a very good day.  Looking forward to my outing and
 to what new insights I will have today.  Even I surprise myself. 
As they say, sometimes the only way to find ourselves is to get
 completely lost.  Today I plan to explore Freemont Street again.

I can’t wait to be ashamed of what we do in LAS VEGAS!..