Apr 30, 2023

Sunday April 30th ~

Life is like a wave crashing in the ocean.
It happens fast, but makes its mark in the sand...

 Branson Landing is a beautiful place, but at nights just like most 
places, it is extra beautiful.  As I always say, our most favorite
 place in Branson, and to enjoy it with friends, even better.

Many a times the outings that are not planned turns out to
 be the the best of times, and last night was one of those.

Living in Fort Myers these last few months has been 
an amazing time and we can't wait to be there again.  One
 of the many things we/I have discovered  was this little 
Eagle family.  It started out on the evening news. 

 Harriet was pregnant.  From there two eggs.  Harriet disappeared 
in February and these two baby eaglets were and are being raised
 by M15 their dad.  Let's just say, I love everything about them.

Sundays are for soccer and for relaxing.  The three of us here at 
home are all doing what we enjoy best.  To all a good and restful day.

A good life is a collection of happy moments...