Apr 10, 2023

Monday April 10th ~

Physically, mentally, emotionally tired right now...

 Travelling with Sniff has become a very stressful situation.  
There was a time he was a "good" traveler.  He did give a few
 cries, but nothing to be worried about. That has all changed. 

 The last few times with just the two of us travelling has been 
a real nightmare.  Sniff howls through the entire flight.  But 
when the three of us travelled together he is always calm.

This is probably a sign telling me that he no longer wishes 
to be in an airplane, and for me that's a powerful sign.  

First week in Branson for Sniff and I.  Already I feel as if 
I'm ready to go home.  I'm tired, mentally, emotionally and 
physically.  Mama did say they'd be days like these.

Good morning all and a happy week ahead.  Here in
 Branson it is sure not Florida like weather.  Cool
 air and warm sunshine.  A good combination.

Experience is not what happens to you; it is 
what you do with what happens to you...