Apr 20, 2023

Thursday April 20th ~

 Life humbles you as you age.  You realize
 how much time you wasted on nonsense...

Waking up to warmer morning and warmer days.  
Everyone is loving it.  Especially Sniff.  He is after
 all a Florida boy and loves his sunshine everyday.

Thursday already.  The week is sure going by fast.  Thursdays 
are always good days because today I don't cook. Today we eat 
out and it makes for a nice break in the middle of the week.

Eating out is not just about the food. It's about 
the experience and the company that counts.
  Food is one of my many weaknesses.

Good morning everyone.  Already a brighter and 
warmer day here.  Sniff loving his early birthday toy
 here in "tornado alley" as someone called Branson 😂.

The greatest glory is not in never being wrong, 
but in being able to rise every time you fall...