Apr 21, 2024

Sunday April 21st~

Participate in life instead of just watching it pass you by...

 Some days it's just too beautiful a day to just sit at home 
and do nothing.  Yesterday was another of those days.  We had our
 walk downtown and ended up at the ice-cream store.  Best ice-cream. 
 I have had the pralines and cream from Häagen-Dazs  and other places, 
but this one takes the cake.  So good.  Always a special treat 🍦

Most Friday evenings we usually have our slice of pizza.
  Another treat we look forward to all week. It's so good.

It's been a while since I last posted
 some Florida humor.  Well here it comes.

Under Florida's "stand your ground" law, it is legal to shoot 
anybody for any reason as long as you are standing on the ground😂

In some other state, a person might say to himself, "I believe I 
shall pose as Superman by the side of the road!" But in Florida, that 
person is also going to say, "But first, I shall remove my pants!

Just a little more and our Sniff will be 9 years old.

The soon to be birthday boy is hungry.  Nothing gets 
between Sniff and his foodies.  Healthy boy.  Healthy appetite.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Arvid and I had our 
little downtown outing yesterday.  As always a very good time. 
 A little walk a little nibble, some music.  Makes us happy

The good life is one inspired 
by love and guided by knowledge...