Apr 28, 2024

Sunday April 28th~

Relaxation is not laziness. It’s about finding
 balance and taking care of yourself...

 Some pictures from one of our favorite
 places on the beach to just relax, have quiet
 time as Arvid says, and watch the boats go by.

From where we sit, you just look across the river and see more
 restaurants.  Couple bearing signs of Hurricane Ian, but which has 
now become an "asset" to the restaurant rather than a weakness.

Many go to get their pictures taken by the sunken boat.

More than anything, Arvid loves it here because
 it's so close to the water and because there is no one
 "babbling" as he says.  He can relax.  I enjoy it also 
because the scenery is serene and so very peaceful.

Some days you're just fortunate that everything works out well.

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday.  Hopefully
 you do something that makes your soul happy.

Take a deep breath, relax, and trust that 
everything will work out for the best...