Apr 10, 2024

Wednesday April 10th~

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what
 people say. I simply watch what they do...

Arvid and I plan on taking a little trip to Fort Myers Beach
 later today, and what pops up on my Facebook page?  Pictures 
from the beach.  So far I have not witnessed the sunrise (pictured
 below) at the beach, but I plan to one of these days.  We have 
seen the sunsets, and like all sunsets, they are beautiful😎

The other morning I went out for an early walk hoping 
to catch the sunrise.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning.  
Still beautiful.  The flowers were still half "asleep"

There are days I find myself thinking of Branson. 
 Not so much about Almost Home.  Kurt's doing a great
 job there so I don't stress about it that much anymore.  
On the other hand, I think of my wildlife friends often.  

This time last year we were there, and my wildlife was 
already staring to make their presence felt.  My Geralds 
(groundhogs) were already coming out for their foodies.  The 
birds were fed, as were the squirrels, rabbits the deers, 
cats and whoever showed up.  I miss that very much.

Life is good here in Fort Myers.  We are loving it more everyday, 
it's just that every so often an image will come to me, and then 
I'm transported to another time, another place.  For instance, I think
Brutus, Shadow and California kitties.  I have a lot of memories.

This past week we have noticed a little something 
going on next to the marina by us.  Legacy Marina was
 completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian.  As you can see 
in this picture above still a boat here and there from 
that time, but now hopefully it's time to rebuild.

 Fond memories, forever etched. One word: nostalgia...