Aug 15, 2020

Any Day Vibes ~

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...

Sniff has no desire to start his day as yet.
  Today he is sleeping in.  Just like his dada. 
 The boys love their beauty rest 💤

As I sit and enjoy my cafe, many thoughts go through 
my mind.  Most important is, am I ready for the next 
"adventure" we will/may be soon embarking on?  

Yes and no.  I am always up to the challenge, but 
this time maybe not as excited (as yet) as Arvid is.

I really like our life in Fort Lauderdale.  
Everything is just minutes away from us.  I 
am familiar with my surroundings and can go
 and come wherever and whenever I want.  

Sniff has what he needs, truth is no matter where
 we go Sniff will always be my priority and will always
 have everything he needs, even before I do.

Our apartment looks like a tornado went through it.  
We had to move all the boxes out of the closet to make 
room for some other stuff.  The neighbor next door to us
 had a drain clogged, which in turn backed up into our tub. 
 Long story short, it was a mess all around, but luckily
 the problem is fixed.  Now to pack away.  Again.

Arvid's back watching soccer.  At least now there 
are not that many games a day.  Gives him a break from
 having to watch TV all day long, truth is, it's not like 
he's complaining.  He loves soccer, it relaxes him.

As a new day begins I am grateful for
 all the goodness and kindness in my live.
As they say, the secret to having it all is
 knowing you already do.  Happy day all.

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the 
positive.  A new adventure is soon coming up
 and I'm sure it will be a good one...