Aug 14, 2020

Friday August 14th ~

Life’s true gift lies in your freedom to design it
 beautifully. With each rise of the sun, you get to chase 
the opportunity to fill your days with meaning—
to live your life the way you choose...

All I know is that the days are going by really fast. 
Even with this pandemic, and us not doing that much,
time is still flying by.  Life goes on no matter what.

We wake up each day to beautiful mornings. 
It may be warn, well really hot and humid, but always
 something good about each day.  For me mornings are
peaceful, quiet and calming.  Love starting my day
on the balcony with my cafe and my thoughts.

Some days Sniff will sit and watch me, others
 like today he chose to go back to sleep.  He's already
 had his brushing and will wait until Arvid gets up to eat
 his soft foodies.  Sniff as a routine established
 by Arvid, and that's what we follow 😻.

Today Arvid and I will go and look at a car for a customer. 
Feels good to be back out doing stuff.  The seller is Indian
 so Arvid says I should to be there for moral support 😅. 
 I usually go with him anyway.  Indian or not 😁

Good morning all.  We are still living in pandemic
times.  Like it or not life has changed, but there are
some that no matter what continue to do what the have
 always done, no matter pandemic or not.  They safe
lives even if it means putting theirs at risk.

As we spend another Friday at home, actually we
spend everyday at home, I reminisce of days gone. When
we were able to do as we please and go where we wanted.
 Looking forward to those days one day again 😀.

Hello new day.  As someone said, we do
not remember days, we remember moments.

Opportunities are like sunrises 🌞.
If you wait too long, you miss them...