Aug 6, 2020

Thursday August 6th ~

Whatever the mind of man can 
conceive and believe, it can achieve...

Loving my mornings with Sniff.  He gets his
 brushing, and i enjoy my cafe.  Nice and quiet before
 Arvid wakes up, and then the hustle bustle begins.

What's planned for today?  More of the same.
 Staying home.  Watching TV.  Soccer is back on, so
at least Arvid has more things to watch, not that this
is ever a problem.  When it comes to watching TV 👀,
Arvid can watch just about anything and everything.

Life with Arvid is not boring.  He's been
watching TV with sunglasses now for over a week.
Says he needs to protect his eyesight 😲

Good morning everyone. All good here.  Hoping
to soon be able to go out a little more.  Experience
life again.  Missing very much our outings.

Life offers you so many doors, it is up to
 you which to open and which one to close...