Aug 1, 2020

Hurricane Season ~

Florida... the rules are different here...

As another day begins, we prepare ourselves for 
now hurricane Isaias.  Like I told my mom, "should 
it hit us, we will take off to another place."

Everything is in place for Sniff.  No matter what
 happens he has enough food, litter and love 
to see him through it all.  Always will πŸ’—πŸ’š

This is Sniff's first hurricane experience in
Florida.  The last few years we were either in Branson
 or Chicago.  Right now he's calm.   A good sign that
 there is no imminent hurricane coming our way.

Living in Florida 🌴you know hurricane season 
is part of your life.  Most times it's a miss.  Unfortunately
 sometimes, like with Maria in Puerto Rico it is also deadly,
 and devastating.  Hoping for the best as always πŸ™, but
 mentally always preparing for the worst.  It's called life.

Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that despite
 all our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable...