Aug 10, 2020

August 10th~

The week is yours.  Own it...

And just like that a new week begins.  Already 
August 10th.  Before you know it August is over and 
September is upon us 😲.  Hopefully as the days
 go by so does the virus. Happy thoughts.

For Arvid and Sniff the hardest part of every day 
is the getting out of bed, but once that happens there is 
no stopping them.  Especially Arvid of course.  

Sniff always finds time to sleep some more, 
but Arvid is a constant go go go.  Seems like with 
this pandemic he's even busier than ever 😵.

Not much planned for the week as of this moment.  
More staying at home.  Walks and balcony time.

New week, new hopes and hopefully a better  outcome.
Happy birthday to a very special girl today, Victoria.

To all a great day.  may this new week bring us only good news.

We did it last week.  We can do it again this week, even better.
Let's be awesome together.  Happy new week all...