Aug 17, 2020

Monday ~ New Week ~ New Hopes ~

When life gives you Monday dip 
it in glitter and sparkle all day...

Mama said that we will be starting a new adventure 
one of these days, and that I will love it.  As long as
 I am with my mama and dada I am always happy. 
 Does not matter where we go.  They love me.

Almost sunset from one of our walks in our area.  
It's beautiful and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
  This is and will always be home.  The Sunshine State.

I love being around everything I know. The convenience
 of getting around and just being on the move whenever 
I want to and feel like it.  I love new adventures,
 but most of all I love being where we are.

Arvid and I have moved so much since we have 
been together.  We loved every move we have made. 
 We made it a habit of moving, but now I am ready to stay
 in one place and call it home.  Does that mean we
 will do it?  With Arvid you never know.

A new week begins.  We reflect.  We plan and we prepare 
ourselves for what it holds.  You never know what happens 
from day to day in our lives.  Definitely not predictable 😁

The week is yours own it.  Whichever memories 
you have from the weekend, say goodbye to 
them all and take advantage of the start
 of a new week. Hello Monday. 

Life offers you so many doors, it is up to 
you which to open and which one to close...