Aug 11, 2020

Tuesday August 11th ~

Sometimes you just have to.  Let life happen...

Adding to the regular trash on the streets, we can
now find masks thrown everywhere.  Hanging on 
trees or mostly just dumped on the side of the
 roads.  Hygiene is not a priority it seems.

It's just a matter of watching where you go and
 making sure you don't step into the wrong pile 🐕.  
The rule is you pick up after your dog, seems like 
here everyone has forgotten about that as well.

Of course then you have those doggies that are
 super pampered and whose owners do it right.

On our walks we also always encounter Buddy 
the cat, and his protector.  Buddy is a stray, and he 
gets fed everyday by a guy who took a liking to 
him.  Buddy is well fed and loved by this man.

On a good note, COVID cases in Florida have
 been decreasing the last week.  Hoping the trend continues,
 and that soon this thing called COVID is gone from
our lives, or at least is under control.

  Last night Arvid and I witnessed something
very strange in one of our bathtubs.  Today we have
 to deal with it.  More work, but we will be busy
 for hours . Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday.

Life boils down to choices.  You cannot choose what
 happens to you.  You can choose how you will respond...