Aug 1, 2020

Fort Lauderdale Now ~

Wake up and smell the rain...

Tropical storm Isaias is here and absolutely
 NOTHING is happening, but that does not stop the
 newscasters from "tracking" the storm 24/7.

Maybe a little flooding is in store for us, 
but that's nothing new.  Whenever it rains here
 there is a flood.  Old news if you ask me.

A few waves, yes.  Some have even gone 
swimming out on the beach today.  Yes it has rained. 
 On and off, and also after the rain comes the sunshine
 and the rainbows.  It is after all South Florida.

And yes the palm trees are swaying back and forth. 
 It is after all a tropical storm.  Floridians have bought
 everything from the grocery stores.  Home depot is
 empty.  You would think we are preparing for a war. 

 It is the same every year at the mention of the word
 hurricane.  On the other hand think Hurricane Maria
 that came to Puerto Rico and Dorian to the Bahamas.

Hurricane, Tropical Storm whatever, it was still a 
beautiful day at the beach.  People didn't miss an opportunity 
 posing for pictures.  Life under all circumstances is good.  
It always up to us to make the most of it.  To live it.

Florida, where you make a big deal out of
 nothing.  It's happening again.  Let's just hope
 i do not have to regret saying this.

We live to fight another day...