Aug 20, 2020

August 20th ~ Just Because

You and I have memories longer 
than the road that stretches out ahead...

Many years ago Arvid and I lived in the Bahamas.  
We have a home there it's called the Lil Red.  One of my 
favorite spots in Eleuthera, Bahamas is the Glass Window Bridge.  
Look at the picture below and dare to tell me I'm wrong.

You can clearly see the dark blue waters of the 
Atlantic Ocean on one side and the turquoise 
waters of the Caribbean Sea on the other side.

One of nature's true wonders, The Glass Window
 Bridge will certainly leave you breathless as you
 drink in the magnificent panoramic view. 

It is one of the few places on earth where you 
can compare the rich blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean 
on one side of the road and the calm Bight of Eleuthera
 (often incorrectly called the Caribbean Sea) on the other 
side, separated by a strip of rock just 30 feet wide.

The 'Bridge' is about two miles east of Upper Bogue
 and connects the Northern and Southern points of 
Eleuthera by a paved road. The land here is high 
on both sides, falling away abruptly to nearly sea
 level, and is the narrowest point on the island.

Another great adventure Arvid, Brutus and I experienced. 
 Now we will be having new adventures with Sniff.

Looking forward one day to going back 
when this COVID is over, and travel is once again 
allowed.  For now pictures take me back.

Reminiscing.  Not always a bad thing.  We have
 made beautiful memories and it's nice to look back 
at them.  Makes me smile.  In each of these memories 
I see Brutus.  Now Sniff, Arvid and I will be
 making more memories together 💛💚💜

Today's agenda, balcony time, TV, more balcony and 
more TV.  A walk this afternoon is also looking good.

Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry,
 the smiles fade, but the memories last forever...