Aug 5, 2020

Wednesday August 5th ~

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is
 a new day with no mistakes in it yet... 

Being home all the time there is only so much that
 I see going on.  Most happens when we are either 
sitting on the balcony or while walking.  

Yesterday morning as we sat this is what we saw.
  No matter what, there is always something
 keeping us occupied. No complaints here.

Today was the first time I have been back to Coral Ridge 
mall since February of this year.  The last time was 
the day Michelle and family were leaving Florida.  

It was very quiet almost no one there.  That made
 it nice to walk around a bit, but I needed something for
my phone so really did not do much walking around. 

 Of course I did take a fast trip into Target.
  Didn't need anything. but came out with a few
 nail polishes.  Very happy with my outing.

Back home the skies were dark, raining, and the thunder
 was rolling.  It's still dark and thundering.  Sniff is scared.

Wednesday.  Florida COVID cases are going down 🙏
Something good after all.  Hopefully the trend is 
changing and we are now heading for better
💃 times and better day.  I can't wait. 

Get your hopes up.  Raise your expectations.
  Your best days are still in front of you...