Aug 3, 2020

Monday August 3rd

Live for moments you can't put into words...

Today I took a look back at one of our favorite 
times in North Carolina.  Arvid and I rented a boat 
and we took everyone out on a trip.  We all had a great 
time and to this day we always talk about it.  To this day
 Arvid says to me, "maybe we should do it again." 

You never know what life has in store, so maybe
 it might be the case.  The good thing is that most 
of us were there at that time in North Carolina 🦋.  
The "kids" were all so little.  Time sure flies🕥

A new week begins.  What does it hold for us? 
 Maybe more staying at home?  A definite yes to that. 
 This pandemic has gone too far.  I am tired and I 
want to go back to the way we were.  I know that 
will not be the case for a long time to come,
 but being positive never hurt anyone 😁.

The week is yours.  Own it.  The secret of getting 
ahead is getting started.  Dream big.  Work hard, stay 
focused and surround yourself with good people...