Aug 7, 2020

Friday Vibes ~

Sometimes it takes a wrong turn
 to get you to the right place...

My blog format has changed, and I
 am not used to it.  It changed overnight.  
Not happy, but let's see how it goes.

Sniff and I have been awake since 3am.  Of 
course now we are both exhausted.  Sniff 
has been sleeping again for hours. 

 He woke up when Arvid did, ate and right 
back to sleep.  I do not have that luxury 💤😴, 
but who knows?  Maybe I will fall asleep 
while Arvid watches a soccer ⚽game. 
 Nothing like TV to put me to sleep.

Not our typical Friday, but beautiful 👌
nonetheless.  Balcony time is still a big part
 of our mornings, and now evenings. 

The weekend begins.  For us it's still stay 
at home, mask up and social distancing.  Looking
 forward to the day we will be living out and
 about again.  The way it used to be 🙏.

Hello Friday.  Let's have an amazing day.

I feel like I am already tired tomorrow...