Sep 10, 2022

Extra Post πŸ˜‚ ~ Just Cars

Give a man a car of his own and he leaves humility 
and common sense behind him in the garage...

This one stole the show for Arvid and for many.
  I don't know much about cars, but it sure was a beauty.

We were told that it was one of just two in the world.  I can't verify this.

It was just a beautiful day with a colorful display of cars.

Just a few of the cars.  The car show was 
right across the street from Almost Home.

The weather is now just perfect here in Branson.
  Not too hot not too cold.  Just the perfect temperature. 
 Loving it and enjoying it.  In a few months...hmmm
 not so sure.  But today it's just beautiful.

To all a good day.  Hopefully you are also having beautiful weather.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,
 always bring your own sunshine...