Sep 6, 2022

Good Luck Kimsy πŸ’™ September 6th ~

I love her for her brilliant mind and kind heart....

 Today Kimsy is having a minor surgery in Puerto Rico.  
I really miss that girl and her mom, my sister Nirvana.πŸ’™
  Good luck Kimsy.  Uncle Arvid and I love you very much  
and look forward to seeing you one of these days again.

Thinking of you and just know you are loved,
 and everything is gonna be all right.  Hope you have 
a lot of ice-cream 🍨 waiting for you at home  πŸ˜€

Kimsy when I think of you I smile and my heart fills with love.
Let your kind heart be the very thing others remember you by.

Good morning everyone.  Greetings from Colorado.

The world that we live in is a harsh one and bad
 things are always going to happen, but do not let the
 world take away your genuine and kind heart...