Sep 28, 2022

The Wait The Storm ~ Wednesday September 28th πŸ’ž πŸ’ž

What's going on in our world today is not something we can run 
away from. Therefore the calmest place is the eye of the storm...

We are watching the news all day long.  At times 
the power went off briefly but then came back. As I write 
this 10:14 Eastern time Wednesday, September 28th we still 
have power.  There is always the calm before the storm 

The wind is howling, but the worse has not gotten here as yet.
 We always hope the “worse” will not get there. Will
 know later today, Wednesday September 28th.

Sniff has been pretty calm, but with the wind howling he has
 “disappeared” into one of his safe spots.   As I sit and listen to 
the wind howl my thoughts are with what my sister Nirvana lived 
through Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Fiona plus all the others.  

With her the wind howled for days, weeks.  Now that is scary.
We still have power.  We have water and we had a hot meal.  Yesterday
 my sister told me that she had her very first hot meal in 10 days.  No
 matter what we are having right now, it’s nothing like what she had.
That being said.  This is dangerous and we are taking it serious.

It's almost 1:00 PM eastern time.  Conditions have gotten worse.
 The wind howls without skipping a beat.  Max our nephew and Kelsey
 also live close to us, unfortunately neither of us can get to the other.
  Being on the road right now is like taking your life in your hands.  Debris
 if flying everywhere already. And that's what is going to kill you 😭

With the wind howling like crazy, Sniff is now 
very scared 😲😹😰, and there is no stopping the 
horrible sound of the wind howling like crazy.

Tomorrow or as early as this afternoon we may
 have no power.  But right now we are OK.

The preparations are what they are.  We're here
 the storm is here. We are as best prepared as we 
can be as the eye of the storm approaches...