Sep 11, 2022

Sunday September 11th~

 Life is a mirror, and you see in
 it the reflection of your inner self...

We all at some point in our lives come across people who
 may be stubborn or rigid in their actions. They are not open to 
change and get stuck with their decisions. These people at times pick up
 arguments and fights to prove their point. We lose a lot in life because
 of our stubbornness.  Many view stubborn as being  strong minded.

I consider myself stubborn also, but I also know when 
stubborn becomes a problem and not the solution.  I am not that
 stubborn that I will not admit my mistakes.  At least I hope I am not.  
Usually I am the first to "break" the ice.  To say I am sorry.  I will 
not allow stubbornness to destroy something that took time to build.

That being said, there are times when sometimes it's 
best to let go of something, be it a relationship, a friendship, 
a grudge.  Letting go can be healing for all parties.

I am at a point where that is exactly what I plan to do. 
 No, not Arvid.  Him I will NEVER let go of.  He is my love 
and the one I want by my side for the good and the bad.  Arvid 
brings me comfort, laughter and always a sense of adventure.  Not to 
mention LOVE.  Together with Sniff they are my happy place.

I am tired of trying.  From now on I am on a break also.
  There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the 
pointless drama and the people who create it.  Life is already 
challenging enough without having drama added to it 😐

Arvid and I are enjoying the beautiful temperatures in Branson.  
Makes for great times outdoors.  On Friday we went to Chateau 
on the Lake.  I love the sunsets from that location, and it's
 been a while since we were there.  Always worth the trip.

The Chateau is a beautiful place with amazing sunsets.

Sunday.  Quiet, relaxing and calm.  Aside from our Sunday 
outing most of the day will be just taking it easy.  Of course 
there is always some chores to be done.  Like always a lot.

Good morning all.  As a friend once said to me"

Friendship is a difficult, dangerous job.  It is also 
(though we rarely admit it) extremely exhausting.  On the
 other hand, sometimes our most difficult task as a friend
 is to offer understanding when we don't understand.

Many people will walk in an out of your life, but only 
a true friend will leave footprints in your heart...