Sep 9, 2022

Friday September 9th ~

 We need quiet time to examine our lives openly 
and honestly - spending quiet time alone gives your mind
 an opportunity to renew itself and create order...

We never actually stopped at Rosie's diner in 
Colorado, but we did pass through Aurora, which 
is where the diner is located.  I love these "old" looking
 diners.  Totally different vibe ๐Ÿ˜full of character.

Yesterday both Arvid and I just took it easy.
 A quiet day at home with Sniff. There is always 
soccer so for Arvid not a bad time.  Me all I did 
was grocery shopping and house cleaning.

Friday. No plans today. Quiet time at home with a movie. 
Probably a little music and a drink @ the bar. Right here 
at home.  Seems like we are constantly on the move.  

It’s good to stay put for a while now. Wishing everyone 
a good weekend from now.  The wildlife is doing great. 
I finally did see big Gerald so I’m very relieved.  Was 
starting to wonder where the big blubber took off to.

It's nice and quiet right now.  The wild life has been fed,
 Sniff has been brushed and Arvid still asleep.  Life has
 it's beautiful moments, and I love these right now.

I read this this morning: once you feel avoided by someone,
never disturb them again.  Sounds harsh, but who knows.

I love that quiet time when nobody's up and 
the animals are all happy to see me...