Sep 15, 2022

Thursday September 15th ~

 The only reason for time is so that 
everything doesn’t happen at once...

I finally had my second haircut since coming to Branson.
  This time around the wait was not that long.  Just had to 
make the appointment a couple of weeks in advance. 

 Was also much easier to accommodate because my 
"schedule" it wide open.  Unlike the first time when we 
were working almost all day everyday at Almost Home.

September is already halfway done.  I keep saying, 
where and how does time go by so fast.  Pretty soon ads for 
Christmas will be on.  Already in Puerto Rico it has begun 😁

We continue enjoying beautiful weather here in Branson.  
The other day I took a little trip to AH.  Just to see a few of
 the tenants and to take a few things to one lady in particular.  
Makes me happy knowing that I am able to help others.

Good morning everyone.  Woke up to a chilly and early start of the day.

In life, you turn around and before
 you know it, years have gone by.