Sep 1, 2022

September 1st ~DONE

 Wake up every morning that something wonderful is about to happen...

September can be a bit melancholy. It feels like the last
 burst of summer before the light fades. It's a transitional 
month many look forward to throughout the year

Kids are back in school, and the grown-ups are (possibly) 
reinvigorated after vacation. We slowly put away our linen
 outfits and pull the layers out of our closets, watch the
 leaves gradually turn from green to golden, and
 make plans for the upcoming holiday season.

September, the fall is approaching and before you
 know it winter follows.  One of the most favorite seasons 
of many...Fall.  We love the coolness in the air and the display
 of natures colors.  I look forward to all of this as well.

Before we know it, the time rolls around to carve our pumpkins 
and then the turkey before heading down to the farm to chop down
 the perfect tree. Somehow, September represents summer's farewell
 and the cheerful introduction to full-on autumn festivities.

Wishing everyone a September to remember.  Make it an amazing one.

Life is choice. You can choose to be who you dream to 
be or not to be. It all lies in the choice you make every day.

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go...