Sep 28, 2022

Wednesday September 28th ~ πŸ’ž πŸ’ž

 Every single thing about you is beautiful...

Sniff is photographed all day long, just about.  
No, he's not always happy about it, but I sure am.  
He's just too beautiful to not take pictures of.

I do not think I will every get tired to taking his pictures
even when he does, and he is not a fan of my camera.

Today we are going to be hit by hurricane Ian.  How severe 
is to be seen.  We have done all we can for now. It is recommended 
we evacuate, but for now we are still in our apartment playing it 
by ear, moment to moment.  Sniff's litter is already in the car.

For now we wait and see what Ian decides to do.  Then we 
have to do what we feel is right.  Wishing all a good day and
 if you're in the path of Ian, be safe and be very careful.

As of this minute, all is calm.  The storm is expected 
to "hit" us in the later part of the day.  The news continues to
 report rain and wind in the Fort Myers area.  After what my sister 
Nirvan has been through, is going through in Puerto Rico,
 we have nothing so far to whine about.  Let's hope for
 the best and always prepare for the worst.

Nature has a myriad of weapons to combat human arrogance...