Sep 25, 2022

Sunday September 25th ~

 It's definitely time for a change...

Those who know Arvid and I know that we never can
 "sit" still.  If we're not in constant movement it feels as if 
something is wrong.  I am not saying this is good or bad.  
It's just the way we are.  As we get older you would thing
 the urge to be on the move would be less.  I'll let you know
 when more like if that happens.  Not holding my breath.

To all a vey good day.  Always something going on.
  Always something to look forward to.  No matter where 
we are we are happy, and we are excited about life.

Once again we have changed addresses.  At least during
 the winter.  Florida, we are back home in the sunshine state 
and could not be happier.  Of course I miss my wildlife, 
but I also love the sight of palm trees everywhere.

Fort Myers was once home for me.  Right before meeting 
Arvid, I had a little house on the golf course.  I moved here 
at a time in my life where I wanted peace and quietness. 
 I moved out because the peace and quietness got to me.  
Today I am back with Arvid and Sniff πŸ’™  Life is good.

I flew back to Branson to get Sniff.  Now we are all together again

They always say time changes things, but you 
actually have to change them yourself...