Sep 20, 2022

Tuesday September 20th ~

It Is Not Enough To Be Busy. So Are The Ants.
 The Question Is: What Are We Busy About?... 

The air is changing.  The colors are changing.  A beautiful time 
of the year is year.  In just two days the fall season officially begins.

Sniff feels it in his bones, Arvid's words.  That's because Arvid 
is starting to feel antsy about the approaching winter ahead.  
Thank goodness for fresh warm laundry.  Makes Sniff happy.

Good morning everyone.  How does your day look?  
Arvid and I always keep ourselves busy.  What we do even I 
wonder about it, but according to Arvid, "we're busy."

Busy Is Only Good, If There Is Progress Involved...