Sep 2, 2022

Friday September 2nd ~

 Don't expect anyone to understand your journey, 
especially if they've never walked your path...

The boys have been warming up since yesterday in
 preparation for some quality time @ the bar.  Right here at home.
  Only thing missing is the jukebox.  That's in storage in Florida.

Sniff has his own barstool, just like Arvid and I.  
Together we always have good times @ the bar.

Day two of this September 2022.  It's going to be a
 good month.  Both my sister Nirvana, and our nephew Sachin 
were born in September. Makes for a good start already.
Happy birthday in advance to Nirvana and Sachin.

Good morning to all.  Let’s strive to be better in September.

Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles
 we have and say a thank you for all the troubles we don't have...