Sep 16, 2022

Friday September 16th ~

 Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of 
balance and order and rhythm and harmony...

I feel the weekend already.  Even though we don't have
 "regular" jobs, both Arvid and I are busy.  It keeps us 
going and makes for harmonious times all around.

Sniff woke up tired.  More than usual.  He's not feeling
 the weekend vibes as yet πŸ˜‚ Maybe because it's been a little 
cooler these last few nights?  Who knows.  Neither Arvid nor 
Sniff are fans of cold temperatures, and it's not that cold.

Arvid has had a game here and there, so at least for a coupe 
of hours each day he's glued to soccer.  Sniff of course uses 
the time to snuggle up closer to him.  Everyone's happy.

Yesterday afternoon the deer family visited again.  They also enjoy
 all the foodies I keep putting out for the wildlife.  I know the deers 
like corn so there is always corn waiting for them. I also buy a blend
 of nuts and raisins.  They are happy as well and we are entertained.

Good morning all.  Friday.  Start of the weekend.  Lots of 
possibilities for everyone πŸ˜‚ have a safe and good one all.

It's Friday.  Any plan of being a productive member 
of society is officially thrown out of the window...