Sep 30, 2022

Ian Came. Ian Destroyed ~ 💞 September 30th

And once the storm is over you won't remember how 
you made it through how you managed to survive.  You wouldn't 
even be sure in fact whether the storm is really over.  But one 
thing is for certain when you come out of the storm
 you won be the same person who walked in...

When I saw the quote above i thought of my sister and all 
the people in Puerto Rico huddled in a corner listening to the 
howling wind for days without any sign of it even ending.  

What we experienced is NOTHING!  The wind was howling, 
but for them that howling lives on with each new hurricane. 
 Same goes for all those who went through such 
an experience.  It definitely changes you.

I realized what a boring time it s to just wait and not know
 what will happen.  When I say boring I am not diminishing the 
severity of what's going on. at the same time it was just some of
 the most boring moments.  Waiting is not something I do well.

I was very touched by the outpouring of concerned friends 
and family.  Texting and talking back to all of you and
 keeping you posted made for not boring times.  

Gabsy phone called made us both laugh.  Arvid and 
Gabsy exchanged a good conversation and they even shared 
Spotify playlists.  As Gabsy said, "I'm so stoked."

My heart was really touched by my nieces and nephews
 that took the time to reach out to us.  J all the way in Colombia 
reached out several times.  I love them al so very much. 

We have no power no internet. I started to write this blog and power went down on Wednesday.   Right now my phone is doing the job, but reception is sketchy.  It may post it may not.  Fort Myers and surrounding areas are in bad shape. We are still fortunate. We have running water and some food. Sniff has everything he needs. Others not so fortunate.

Good morning everyone. The sun is out, a good sign.