May 3, 2012

About Facebook....

The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right..

Not sure how many of you have this "problem", but it is starting to really irritate me.  Facebook is supposed to be a place where you can meet new friends and get re acquainted with old friends.  So far so good.  I seem to have a really difficult time in saying NO when I receive a friend request, and mostly it's because these people are friends of my friends.

So I get these friend requests and I accept.  Before I do, I do click and see who we have in common.  Once it's verified and depending on some other factors I usually accept.

Well lately it seems that most of these "friends" I have accepted just want to have private conversations.  I am not by nature rude or stuck up, but I just don't understand the hundreds of private messages sent into my inbox.  Seems a little weird if you ask me.

Because I find it difficult to ignore, I usually answer the first few messages, but when it starts to become too much and too harassing then I really get pissed.  Has anyone found this to be issues with your friends?  Have they started to become too personal?  Of course, if this happens more than the "norm" I right away want to delete this person from being my "friend"

Facebook is supposed to be a place to "meet" people from all over the world and catch up with those you lost touch with, my question then is why do some people use it to harass you?  I have been clear and very specific to everyone.  I appreciate your friendship.  I do not wish to become your personal friend in any which away (except for a few people).

Now if we can all go back and just be online friends without  further involvements all should be good again.  I have met quite a few online friends in Facebook, and we have developed a very close friendship.  This has nothing to do with you.  The ones I am referring to know who they are.  

If you can't "chat" with me in the open, then please don't....

Something else about Facebook (not related to the above).  Seems like there have been many issues of people 's profile being hacked into.  Appears you are getting messages from friends when in reality you aren't.  Be careful everyone. Many of my friends identity in Facebook has been hacked into.  My nephew was also a victim of this and quite a few people I know personally.  Sadly I also experienced some of these issues.   

This is a post from one of my friends.  More like a warning to all Facebook users:

I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS HYPE OR NOT BUT BETTER TO BE SAFE. ...Attention FB Buddies...!! Watch out for your wall! Tell your friends!....Hackers are now on FB writing insults on your friends walls under your name. You don't know it or see it, but your friends do. They will also remove you as their friend. Be assured if you get something from me that is offensive, know that it was Not Me! 

What you do with this information is up to you.  At least now you know.

If moral behavior were simply following rules, we could program a computer to be moral....