May 25, 2012

Day Of Leisure...

Mr. Leisure
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father...

Today the day is just mine to do anything I want.  The morning started out with clear skies for a change.  Yes, we have been having constant rain so it is nice to see the sun peeking out. In preparation for Chicago, I went to the dentist for a cleaning.  Feels nice and smooth now, my teeth that is.  Arvid is amazed that I have at least four cleanings a year.  He says he has one every 2 years.  Strange man.

Got a tiny workout before the dentist so I did not feel too guilty going to the mall and  indulging in one of my other weaknesses.  Yes, a trip to Red Mango's was in order and for my mango yogurt.

I also wanted to check out the MAC cosmetics section either at Macy's or Sephora, and maybe buy me a lipstick.  My sister just bought the color "Lickable" as you can see here and I am sure I need it as well.  

While at The Galleria I always like to checkout my favorite stores and see what's new.  Always something beautiful to look at and almost impossible to not come home with a "little" purchase from them.   I does not help that I just got some catalogs and am already making plans on what we need.  Just have to approach it the right way to Arvid and soon he will realize that we actually do need a few things.  Maybe some new sheets or a vase from Pottery Barn can be good.  We have quite a few of their vases and I have filled most of them with shells handpicked from Eleuthera.  

I can really spend quite some time just browsing.  I love to try on the new clothes, shoes and check out all the new stores that are popping up.

No trip to Galleria Mall is complete without a stop at the Food Court.  Tons and tons to choose form.  Arvid being Arvid does the same almost everytime...Pizza.  I also do the same which is the lunch buffet at Sabarro.  I love food and here I get to pick from quite a huge selection.  You can choose to eat healthy or you can choose to eat not so healthy.  The choice is all yours and that's what I love...CHOICES!

Galleria Mall
Whatever you do, remember to always make it count and to always have fun!
  I think the evening calls for a little music at Satchmo's.
Have a good day all!

We all need empty hours in our lives or we will have no time to create or dream..